Fashion, for me, is a wearable, practical, stylish sculpture in various colors."

Let’s explore Andrea’s handcrafted leather goods

Andrea's original designs provide customers with an elegant, chic, and comfortable experience for their everyday needs.
"I love fashion because they are wearable, practical, and stylish sculptures that come in a variety of colors. Whenever I come up with a new idea for an elegant bag design, it feels like I am creating a three-dimensional piece of floating architecture. It's so much fun to turn my vision into a physical object by following a series of structured steps. I always get very excited and energized when I work on a bag until it's finished."
Andrea has been designing and crafting clothing and bags for more than 25 years using carefully selected high-end leathers and fabrics. For the first time, she is offering public educational courses to anyone interested in learning fashion designing and mastering professional sewing skills.

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