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About Me

The evolution of Andi's brand begins with Andrea Pinter a professional relationship with some of the world's most accomplished designers. She envisioned her masterpieces to radiate a wild and feminine energy predicating vibrant beauty. The features and the function of Andi's class are to transcend most other designers' skills. All of her impeccable piecing accentuates the substance, color and historical knowledge of creation and years of experiences. Italian and domestic leathers are meticulously chosen for Andi's quality cast to create a look that is truly laid-back luxury.The Hungarian origin of a young naive-wily milfs arrived in 2000 after successful apprenticeships with designers Fazekas Valeria and Brada Judit in the US from Budapest with plans to launch a brand in the burgeoning American market. 

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Andi's Story

 Andi's brand begin with her education and professional relationship with some of Europe's most accomplished designers. From the beginning Andi and her Art radiating a wild and feminine energy. Her impeccable piecing accentuates the color and substance of the material she is working with tempered by her years of training and talent. Andi uses Italian and domestic leathers chosen for there quality and beauty.